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So, what kind of academy is Samara State Academy of Railway Transport? It is one of the 10 Railway Universities in Russia with over 10 000 students. We are big, but not impersonal: our 10 campuses are large, friendly, self-contained communities.
Samara state academy of railway transport was founded on March 5, 1973 as Kuibyshev institute of railway engineers. At first there was a day-time faculty which included 4 chairs, the extra-mural faculty with five study-consulting centers and preparatory department in higher school. The same year students entered two specialities: "Railway Construction, Track and Track Facilities", "Railway Operation and Management". In 1990 with Kuibyshev was renamed after Samara, Kuibyshev institute was renamed after Samara institute of engineers of railway transport too.
On April, 2002 Samara institute of engineers of railway transport was certificated and accredited as "Academy" and it was renamed after Samara state academy of railway transport.
Address of Samara state railway academy: 443066, Samara, 1st Bezymyanny pereulok 18.
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