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(founded in 1976)
Dean Valery Smyshlyaev

The faculty trains specialists in the following specialties:
  • 210700 - "Automation, Communication and Telemechanics on a railway transport"
  • 101800 - "Power Supply of railways"
  • 654700 - "Information systems"
  • 220200 - "The automated systems of information and control".
The faculty comprises 7 chairs:
  • Automation, Communication and Telemechanics, on a railway transport
  • Power Supply of railways
  • Information systems and telecommunications
  • Automated systems of information processing and control
  • Theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering, automation and electronics
  • Computer science
  • Public transport
The faculty has 24 specialized laboratories and 4 computer classes. There is a testing ground at the chair. On industrial training ground of our academy the faculty is mounting a power interlocking.
65 highly skilled teachers train specialists. On the whole the quantity of the teachers having a scientific degree makes 66,4 % at the faculty.
At the faculty more than 900 students are trained.
The address of the electrotechnical faculty: Samara, 443066, 1st Bezymyannyi pereulok, 18. Phone: 007 8462 62 30 77
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