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(founded in 2002)
Director Rushan Walliullin

At the institute of transport engineering and constructions more than 1200 students are trained, 116 regular teachers are working, from them 77,9 % have scientific degrees, including 18,1 % (21) Dr.Sci.Tech. and professors. At the institute there are a post-graduate course and doctoral course.
The institute of transport engineering and constructions trains specialists in 3 directions and 6 specialties.
In a direction "The rolling stock of railways":
  • "Locomotives", specialization - "Management of technical operation of locomotives";
  • "Cars", specialization - "Management of car-repair manufacture";
  • "Electric transport of railways", specialization "Electric locomotives and electric trains".
In a direction "Transport machines and transport-technological complexes":
  • "Hoisting-and-transport, building, road machines and the equipment", specialization - "Cargo-handling and travelling machines".
On a direction "Transport construction":
  • "Construction of railways, a way and traveling facilities", specialization "Construction of main railways";
  • "Bridges and transport tunnels", specialization "Bridges".
The training of students in a specialty "Highways and air stations" is in sight.
By the end of training graduates of institute are assigned for work on engineering and managing posts in locomotive and carload depot, at the locomotives-cars-repair factories, the design, design and building organizations, distances of a way and traveling machine stations, construction trains and other organizations of Railways of Russia.
Material base of the institute of transport engineering and constructions consists of lecture audiences and laboratories in 1, 7th, 8th and laboratory buildings. The institute includes an industrial training ground with 22 units of the rolling stock, which is placed on the ways. The institute is equipped with EC post, with the centralized direction of signals and point works. The institute is equipped with 4 modern computer classes.
The address of the institute of transport engineering and constructions:
Samara, Litwinow Street, 332. Phone / fax 99-54-97, 99-56-60, e-mail:
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