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Extra-mural faculty | Русская версия

(founded in 1973)
Director: Dmitry Volov

The extra-mural faculty trains specialists in four branches of samara state railway academy and in a representation in Ulyanovsk city. The training process is conducted on the basis of the academy in Samara, and all branches are provided with lecture rooms and have sufficient laboratory base.
The faculty trains specialists in the same specialties as at the daytime form of training.
Both in academy, and in branches the most skilled teachers of academy train the students. More than 66% teachers have a scientific degree or an academic status.
Study at the branches lasts 2-5 years, and then for continuation of training students move up into the academy.
Students have examinations 3 times of the year (10-16 days).
Students who have graduated from a railway technical school are trained by the reduced curricula.
Special groups for the second higher education are created for the persons with first higher education.
Since 1973 more than 6 thousand engineers have graduated from the extra-mural faculty who work at the railway and transport enterprises.
The address of the extra-mural faculty: Samara, Pskovskayastreet, 18. Phone: 007 8462 55 20 48
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