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(founded in 2003)
Director: Alexey Bondarenko

Main aims of the institute are:
  • to provide higher humanitarian, natural-science and professional education
  • to organize and to carry out scientific researches and other scientific, technical and design works on a structure of the institute
The institute includes the following faculties:
  • "Philosophy and history"
  • "Engineering Drawing"
  • "Higher mathematics"
  • "Physics and ecological thermophysics"
  • "Mechanics"
  • "Physical training and sports"
  • "Foreign languages"
  • "General and engineering chemistry"
At the institute the first and the second year students of all specialties are trained. Before the end of the second curriculum students of all specialties, except of "Economy and management at the enterprise" and "Accountancy, the analysis and audit" are joined to the institute. By the end of training students go on their education appropriate to their specialties and faculties. About 1000 students are studying at the institute.
At the institute there are 9 professors, doctors of sciences, 64 senior lecturers, PhDs and 39 lecturers.
The address of the transport engineering institute: Samara, Svobodastreet 2b. Phone: 007 8462 99 54 40
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